World Lore

Khitus is a complex world with many nations and races, dependent upon new heroes to emerge before it is reduced to a total wasteland.

Khitus, the World of the Dragon Kings

In better days, the Dragon Kings ruled beneficently over the face of Khitus. The city-states around the Inland Seas thrived beneath their wings. They let each nation and each civilization flourish in its own idiom, all free peoples, unmolested, unafraid.

But those days lay buried beneath dust and sand.

Over the centuries, the Dragon Kings retreated gradually from the world, and in their absence malignancies grew. Greed, war, and pestilence emerged to blight the land. The world’s best days faded into memory.

Now the Dragon Kings are spoken of only in hushed tones, for fear of incurring their wrath. They oversee the savage plundering of Khitus, the theft of anything and everything of value. Their raiders steal it all – metal, gemstones, even food and weapons – and march the weak away in chains. Worse still, the Dragon Kings employ powerful magic to redirect entire rivers and keep the very clouds for themselves, leaving a scorched wasteland of bones and despair.

Khitus is a world in need of heroes, but who can face these wicked Dragon Kings?

Dragon Kings will be a rich and diverse fantasy setting that emphasizes a unique struggle of good versus evil and desperate survival on a dwindling world being quite literally plundered dry.

Have you ever negotiated terms with an intelligent elephant centaur? Experience Khitus, the world of Dragon Kings.

“Apparently our watch had dozed off, for the first we heard of them was the trampling of their great feet. By the time we were fully awake they had us surrounded. They menaced us with their engraved tusks and many who attempted escape were impaled by giant spears. We were shackled and taken away as slaves, forced to march at their four footed pace. Before we reached their main camp they trumpeted to their slaver kin and we heard trumpeting in reply from some distance away. This was my initiation to the life of a slave under my cruel masters, the Watu Pachyaur.”


Chatoon, once a magnificent city of ruby marble and tall spires, Chatoon is shunned now, feared even by the marauders. The mysterious dragon sorceress Shagnathrix conjures dark sorcery there, hoping to make amends for her troubled, murderous past. Is she a Dragon King, now fallen from that semi-divine council? It is said only two kinds remain in Chatoon, the dead and those who wish they were.

Encounters on the Granite Basin

Qath Manhar (literally, ‘those who would sell their brothers’), wanton marauders raiding ever closer to the waning Old Countries cities. Most travel on foot, armed with slender blades and bows, but their leaders sport lances from the backs of fearsome thakal lizard mounts.

Wild trisar, animal dragon-kin grown numerous in the southern badlands. The caravans rely on these mammoth three-legged beasts to drag their loot-laden wagons north to the Equatorial Cities. The sick or wounded are replenished from the wilderness. Capturing even one, using heavy, poisoned darts to make them docile, is certain to cost several lives.

A shrouded Rakar wizard, draped head to toe beneath a gauzy veil, with his pitiful train of masked Vezhika victims. The Rakar school of magic teaches wizards how to trick the sorcerous consciousness into passing its wrath onto others. The Vezhika are decoys, usually slaves, kept for the sole purpose of absorbing sorcery’s scourge on the wizard’s behalf, kept complacent by hypnosis and the direful bite of a Rakar’s Apple.


Without the Dragon Kings to keep them in check, the Krikis have swarmed out from their hives to form three enormous empires. They are en emerging race. Reason and higher intelligence are new to them, leaving the individual conflicted. The new-found traits of personal initiative and desire, vital to their growing, competitive empires, run counter to the traditional, inborn virtues of duty to the hive, its nurturing and protection.

Krikis are a player character race on Khitus, the world of Dragon Kings.

Nadalf Wizards

Nadalf Wizards rely upon gudgeons to mitigate sorcery’s wrath, some drawn against their will to this world like these sky titans, others hideous perversions of native creatures cruelly conceived and wracked by unnatural pain. The wizard magically exaggerates his meager pity to draw sorcery’s spiteful eye. Also, the Nadalf channels the gudgeon’s rage at its own wretched existence to amplify his own, giving him unparalleled mental focus.


The city of Rhojess, a crumbling ruin of a once vibrant city-state ruled by four families of warring merchants.


Teleris, city of politic mages, shunned for their hand in the state of things in the Old Countries, now they study forgotten magic and huddle behind their stockades.


“The Dragon King Tharcluun departed Khitus only recently, having worked in secret with the Dramidge wizards. His trakeen (those who worship him now as a departed god) insist that he is not gone from this world, but only restricted to its windswept sands of the New Dune Wasteland where he waits in ethereal form.”

Tharcluun is depicted here in a terrific new piece of art from Thomas Babbey! You can also find the location of the New Dune Wasteland in the Old Countries.

The Dramidge, masters of dragon magic

Known as the Greybeards, this order of wizards was spawned from the direct tutelage of one of the Dragon Kings.

In the Dragon Kings’ absence they perform their magic in the service of government patrons.

Their repository of magical knowledge was originally in Rhojess, but now it is rumored to move around the Granite Basin in several deep hiding places, warded by powerful magic and magically augmented draconic guards.
A sect of the Dramidge, the Tome Guards, specializes in protective and obscuration magic to keep their tomes safe.

It is rumored that Dramidge mages nurture dragon eggs in the desert and that they gather slaves to feed wild dragons.

Those who cannot cast magic are dismissed by the Greybeards, but they reserve a special hatred for dragon slayers and for the Awakened, the followers of the enigmatic Prophet, the wielder of magic-that-is-not-magic.
As a point of honor, Dramidge dead are left out for wild dragons to consume.

The Gare Attessa are at odds with the Dramidge magical college, a constant war of poisonings and subtle murder.