Dragon Kings Nears Kickstarter Goal, Expands Pledge Levels, Gives Rebate To International Backers

LAS VEGAS, NV – October 10, 2013 – The Dragon Kings team announced today new pledge options and a rebate offer to all international backers as its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign nears its goal.

“We’re excited about the backer response,” says project creator Timothy Brown. “Now we want to fine-tune the outreach to make Dragon Kings more accessible to everyone who wants to experience it.”

Last week the team added three new pledge levels to the Kickstarter: Digital Gamer, Gamer of Khitus, and Champion Gamer of Khitus, at $25, $45, and $80, respectively. These give potential backers new assortments of product and provide access to the game-oriented Dragon Kings World Book at lower levels.

“We’re anxious to let people enjoy Dragon Kings the way they want to enjoy it,” says Brown. “These new pledge levels have already been well received.”

Additionally, the team announced today a new International Backer Rebate to make the project’s physical components – the World Book, Gazetteer, CD, and other items – more accessible to fans in Canada and around the world.

“International postage is expensive,” continues Brown. “It’s something a lot of Kickstarters wrestle, and no solution is perfect, but this new International Backer Rebate is our way of helping those customers get involved in Dragon Kings.”

The rebate can be taken in one of two options at the end of the Kickstarter for international backers who are getting the printed World Book as part of their rewards:

1) Cash Rebate Option. International backers get a straight rebate after the Kickstarter concludes ($10 for most, or $20 for Canadian backers)


2) Bonus Rebate in Add-Ons Option: International backers can take an additional $10 greater than that amount in add-ons (such as print versions of the PDF rules supplements, miniatures, poster maps or other products).

“This solution got the most positive response from our forum discussion with international fans. Of course, there are several digital options for backers to get Dragon Kings as PDFs and MP3s to avoid international shipping charges altogether.”


About Dragon Kings

Dragon Kings is Timothy Brown’s ‘spiritual successor’ to his award-winning Dark Sun role-playing universe, co-designed with author Troy Denning and artist Gerald Brom for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. Dragon Kings is a new fantasy game world conceived and presented in fiction, art, and music simultaneously. The project will be crowd sourced and eventually expand beyond role-playing and music into comics, video, and computer games. The product launch envisions a hardbound game book, an art-intensive album-sized world gazetteer and lyrics booklet, and a full-length progressive rock CD.

To learn more about Dragon Kings, visit https://www.dragonkingsproject.com. Also join these communities to become involved and watch for the latest updates:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dragonkingsproject
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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/dragonkingsproject

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