Multi-media Dragon Kings Project Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

LAS VEGAS, NV – September 30, 2013 – The Dragon Kings design team announced today that its Kickstarter crowdfunding effort is underway.

“We’ve built up an enthusiastic audience on social media that far surpasses our initial expectations,” says project creator Timothy Brown. “It’s time to offer the project up to that audience to get their direct support.”

The Dragon Kings project is a new fantasy world being conceived and presented simultaneously in fiction, art, and music. There are three primary products being offered through the Kickstarter campaign: a hardcover World Book that describes the entire world for role-playing games, a progressive metal Dragon Kings CD concept album set in the new fantasy world, and a softcover Gazetteer art book with large format images and maps.

Secondarily, backers can select a tri-fold game screen, a unique dice set, as well as full-sized poster map of the Dragon Kings world drawn by cartographer Alyssa Faden, and a poster of the iconic project painting from artist Brom. Certain pledge levels offer autographed posters and books, and even an autograph on the CD from musical director and former Queensrÿche guitarist Mike Stone.

Pledge levels are designed to give game and music fans a wide variety of options, so they can get a mix of all items in physical or digital form, depending on their interests. Says Brown, “We want to give every fan an opportunity to pick and choose among the multi-media aspects of the project. We’ve even provided a pledge level to receive everything digitally which should be especially appealing to international backers.”

The game setting is rules agnostic, supplemented by free PDF rules sets so role-players can enjoy the Dragon Kings universe with their favorite game systems. PDR rules supplements will be made for the Pathfinder and Savage Worlds games, as well as 13th Age, Fate, Numenera and others as stretch goals.

After reaching a modest funding goal, stretch goals unlock, adding a wide variety of new digital content for backers, including additional sets of songs that continue the story on the concept CD, short stories presented as ebooks and audiobooks and written by a cadre of talented fantasy authors, new adventures and supplements for the role-playing game, as well as new PDF rules supplements for existing games. All of the unlocked stretch goal content is delivered digitally, free of charge to backers at different levels.

Dragon Kings metal miniatures sets may also be unlocked as stretch goal add-ons. Three possible six-miniature sets are planned, for adventurers, enemies, and monsters, that will be available for separate purchase.

According to Brown, “Our expectation is to carry Dragon Kings much further beyond the Kickstarter, making a continuing line of additional game, fiction, art, and musical features into the future. Eventually, we want to expand into full novels, videos, comics, and computer games, but it all starts with the setting.”

About Dragon Kings

Dragon Kings is Timothy Brown’s ‘spiritual successor’ to his award-winning Dark Sun role-playing universe, co-designed with author Troy Denning and artist Gerald Brom for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. Dragon Kings is a new fantasy game world conceived and presented in fiction, art, and music simultaneously. The project will be crowd funded and eventually expand beyond role-playing and music into comics, video, and computer games. The product launch envisions a hardbound game book, an art-intensive album-sized world gazetteer and lyrics booklet, and a full-length progressive rock CD.

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