Interview with Brom, artist on Dragon Kings

We chat with Brom this week, an artist on the Dragon Kings team. Brom has produced some fantastic work on numerous projects, including illustrating on Dark Sun, Deadlands, and Magic: The Gathering. He also has worked on several video games, movies, and is an avid writer.

See what Brom has to say about his work on Dragon Kings below!

Dragon Kings: Please share with us a little bit about your history and what you do for a career.

Brom: Got my start at TSR with Dragon Kings spiritual sister, Dark Sun. Been working in games, books, video games, and film ever since. Currently creating my own line of illustrated horror novels.

Dragon Kings: What interested you most in participating on the Dragon Kings project?

Brom: A chance to revisit material similar to my earlier works.

Dragon Kings: What do you think of the music for Dragon Kings so far? Does music inspire your art?

Brom: I think the music really sets the tone, it’s like a soundtrack to the game. I draw lots of inspiration from music. Anything that drives emotion tends to seep into the work.

Dragon Kings: What or who inspires you to create such great work that’s been released so far?

Brom: I tend to find inspiration everywhere. I think that is part of what artist do. They take in what’s around them and hopefully channel it into a unique vision.

Dragon Kings: Are you a fan of Role-playing games? What is your favorite RPG, or general favorite game of all-time?

Brom: It’s been hard for me to find time to play RPG’s, as I’m always too obsessed with creating art. When I was younger I really enjoyed miniature games such as Space Hulk and Ogre.

Dragon Kings: Did you ever play D&D in the Dark Sun setting?

Brom: A couple of times. It was always a treat when some of the game designers would host a campaign and invite us artists to play.

Dragon Kings: Tell us about the inspiration for the Dragonlord cover image.

Brom: The composition is one I drew about twenty years ago and always wanted to paint. So when the chance arose I jumped at it. It was almost like collaborating with myself from twenty years ago.

If you are interested in Brom’s work, visit his website at:

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28 October