Rock Epic

Dragon Kings’ most unique element is its progressive rock epic album, where every song follows a hero’s adventures and brings a different aspect of the world to life.

Lotus Warriors and the Dragon Kings progressive rock epic!

ListenTrack 03 Forward Mighty Wagons (Clip)

ListenTrack 05 Lotus Warriors (Clip: Youtube)

ListenTrack 05 Lotus Warriors (Full Instrumental)


One hero emerges from the New Dune Wasteland, once resigned to certain death, then caught up in the world’s wickedness, and finally driven by love to take a stand against the ultimate thieves.

Each song of the Dragon Kings progressive rock epic album follows that hero:

· An exhausted last stand against mercenary raiders …

· His capture and journey into slavery on the mighty caravans …

· Confused memories as a drugged gladiator entertaining a decadent mob …

· Escape and flight chained to a Cold Skin beast …

· Refuge among an ancient gentle folk who impart mysterious truths …

Each song takes that hero further along his path, ever closer to his destiny.

As I see it now, every song will get its own two-page spread in the ‘album’ sized book that really makes it come alive.

Take the caravan song, for example …

Forward Mighty Wagons

Not only will it have the song’s lyrics (from the point of view of the caravan guards) …

Out of the New Dune Wasteland, cross beneath the white-hot glare

Keep watch against the sandstorm where the deepest rock’s laid bare

Ten days more upon the road before we make the Verdant Vale

Fair payment there awaits us, doled out from hands most pale …

The book will present additional material to help bring the caravans to life …

· A fable about their origin, trading spices and silks during the good times

· A map of the remaining caravan routes from the wastelands to the equatorial cities

· An illustration of the three-legged lizard beasts that pull the enormous wagons

· Another illustration of a caravan guard, the sometimes reluctant mercenaries who do the Dragon Kings’ bidding

That’s the plan for Dragon Kings: a fantasy world envisioned and created in fiction, art, and music all at once!

  • Rush 2112
  • Operation Mindcrime
  • Pink Floyd The Wall
  • Rush Hemipsheres
  • If 2112 had come with maps of the Temples of Syrinx, or ship stats for the Solar Federation’s fleet, that would have been my Traveller campaign.