Track 03: Forward Mighty Wagons – Music Clip

Except from Timothy Brown:

The notion of desert caravans has always intrigued me, and I knew I wanted to make them a focus of the Dragon Kings setting from the onset. This is one of the first songs we started working on, and as different pieces came together it took on a distinct three-beat cadence through the chorus. As I worked more and more on that the idea of a three-legged beast formed more fully in my consciousness, and that eventually became the mighty trisaur that Tom Baxa has illustrated for us. As for the caravan raiders themselves, I imagine a growing reluctance among some of them – anti-heroes, if you will – who second guess their professions and even hate the very task they’re paid to perform, a reluctance that I’ve put into the lyrics which are from their point of view.

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19 October

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