Dragon Kings Music

Dragon Kings…

…the band and self-titled debut concept CD

Dragon Kings is the brain-child of fantasy author and musician Timothy Brown (formerly of Head East, Jaded Heart, and Leather Teddy), who envisioned a progressive metal epic presented simultaneously in fiction, art and music. Ultimately, the concept CD was forged and crafted by four talented rock performers, featuring songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Mike Stone (formerly of Queensrÿche, Trance Sonics, and Kings Highway) who dug deep to unleash massive, rich guitar textures and an awesome voice that powerfully delivers the story’s depth and passion. Drummer Frank Klepacki (The Bitters, The Family Stone) laid down the CD’s driving, imaginative percussive foundation; he also produced and engineered the project. Seasoned songwriter and guitarist Mark Stevens tracked the enriching, essential rhythm and lead parts that punctuate each song’s metal edge. Brown rounded out the ensemble with dexterous, decisive bass session work, soaring background vocals and an uncompromising drive to write and tell an epic musical tale.

Dragon Kings is…

  • Mike Stone: lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, sitar, theremin and percussion
  • Mark Stevens: lead and rhythm guitars
  • Timothy Brown: bass guitar and backing vocals
  • Frank Klepacki: drums and percussion


Dragon Kings

01 Dawn on Khitus
02 Time to Die
03 Forward Mighty Wagons
04 The Water Bringer
05 Lotus Warriors
06 Fly By the Night Sky
07 Among the Peaceful
08 The Dragon Kings
09 Grim Mask of Courage
10 Deep in the Hivelands
11 Be Gone
12 Beyond the Infinite

Additional backing vocals on The Water Bringer by Geneva Stone

  • Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Frank Klepacki
  • Recorded at Stealth Studios, Lake Geneva, WI and Poolside Studios, Las Vegas, NV
  • Mastered at Klepacki Productions, Las Vegas, NV

The Dragon Kings CD is also available on:

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All songs written and arranged by Mike Stone, Mark Stevens and Timothy Brown. All lyrics by Timothy Brown.

Cover art by Brom – Interior and back cover art by Thomas Denmark
Layout by Don Perrin – Logo by William W. Connors

Mike Stone proudly uses Bergen guitars, D’Angelico guitars, Fuchs amplifiers and Seymour Duncan pickups.

Frank Klepacki proudly uses Steinberg software, Yamaha pro audio and Audio Technica microphones.