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    Dragon Kings WIP, lower-right 1/10th

    The Dragon Kings map will actually end up being poster sized. We’re concentrating on smaller sections that make up the known world, each will be about letter sized and fully colored.

    But the thing about me is that I like drawing insane detail into my maps: it creates personality, it shares a little of me (my insanity), and it causes the viewer to look for the hidden stories. This is about a tenth of the first map – the lowest right section.I’ve got little steps, bricks, windows and broken rooves in this area. I’m not even sure if they will come through on the print, but oh my I love to draw them!

    I tend to doodle hills and mountains as other people doodles squiggly lines while on a phonecall and I think these came out looking good. The ruins denote former settlements, but not everything on this map will be in ruin and later this week I will start to share a progressive drawing for one of the [inhabited] cities.

    Also Timothy from Dragon Kings is asking about font choice for these maps: we have narrowed it down to two and will be asking for your opinion on which one to use!

    ~ Alyssa


    I like Plato, as it’s cleaner and easier to read.

    The map looks interesting.

    The final map might be suitable for framing and hanging where you play Dragonkings if the printer can make it look as good as this sample.

    For letter sheets, I suggest providing information so they can be laid out as a full poster. They did with the HackMaster Garweezter and some people printed all the pages and had huge maps on their wall.

    Looking forward to seeing maps take my mind into the land of DragonKings!


    The more details, so much the better as there’s no telling what the future holds—better to have some aspects that perhaps have to be pared back for a time than to not have them out there at all to help foster the creative process going forward.


    I concur with the large map and poster size. This is of course just a section and I’ll share other sections over time, but this in and of itself is just a part of the overall world eventually planned so I think the net result could be truly huge – and quite fantastic!


    I’m looking forward to it. I love maps for they show where the next conflicts are going to be and where people will be looking for resources. Since I can’t draw better than stick figures, I appreciate the work of those who can transport me to new worlds with a piece of paper and some lines and curves.

    AvatarBig Mac

    I don’t see any information about how to get this map. Is it going to be included with the World Guide or sold separately?


    My thinking is that they will only have this one on limited offer, hopefully it will not a region base distribution.

    “print consultant @

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