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    Hi Tim,

    I have read my PDF of the Worldbook. Overall, I quite enjoyed it, especially the detail for the different tribes and factions. I can’t wait for the album, as I am a huge prog-rock fan.

    owever, I have some questions about the Worldbook:

    * Will you make a hyperlinked, bookmarked, non-locked down PDF available?

    * In the description of Shagnathrix’s history, it says that she razed Teleris and then operates out of there. However, another part of the book associates her with Chatoon.

    *Could you give us a clearer picture of the Dragon King Pretenders? The story telling chapter seemed to be written like they were referenced elsewhere in the book, but I couldn’t find anything. For example, it says that the DKP’s are behind the Kriki’s current expansion, but DK worship or DKP’s aren’t mentioned in the Krikis write-up (unless I missed something). Maybe in a blog post or something.

    *Similar to above, I couldn’t find a lot of references to the marauders who are plundering the campaign zone for the Black Tower people. Are the marauders just local brigands with paid for by the Black Tower or a new or unusual ethnic group? Are the marauders just looting ancient tombs and cities, or do they want slaves and other resources as well? Don’t people notice the marauders hauling their great big caravans of bling north to the Black Tower? Getting some bandits to run around doesn’t seem a terribly effective way at ‘plundering’ an entire continent (or campaign area). Woudn’t a full-scale invasion be more effective?

    *Can you let us know any details about caravan routes and what the cities trade with each other?

    **Are you interested in setting up a wiki as a repository for fan-generated content, inspired by the project?



    It sounds like an indexed/bookmarked World Book PDF is planned for version 1.1.

    I was confused by that part of Shagnathrix’s history also. Until I hear otherwise, I basically replaced Teleris in the history with Chatoon.

    I read the section about the Dragon King Pretenders as if they weren’t really relying on Dragon King worship from the Krikis, but instead just assisting them in expanding their hives. The Cold Skins were a different story; some of them actually accept the Pretenders as Dragon Kings.

    I picture the Bev al-Khim using their economic power to encourage local marauders, whether independents or the Qath Manhar. It’s probably not the most efficient method, but it’s just one of their methods of stripping the resources from Khitus and one which doesn’t take much manpower from the Black Tower (I don’t picture them as having armies, so they use money and manipulation instead).

    And I too would love some organized place for fan generated content. I’ve already started to work on some of my own, but I don’t really have anywhere to put it yet.


    Hi jacelevine,

    Thanks for the response. I’ve mentally tweaked a few things here and there for my personal Khitus, but would like some further clarifications. I’ve written some things up about the Teleris region and I’m having fun fleshing that out.

    I had a vague idea about the marauders using portal networks to evade pursuers. I guess things aren’t very organised at the moment on Khitus.

    What are you working on, or what grabbed you most when you read the worldbook?

    I agree a wiki would be cool – it’d be easiest to set it up an on existing rpg site, like at Enworld or, which are cool with you setting up mini sections on their mega wikis. I’ll see if Tim is amenable to the idea.


    One thing to consider about the portal networks idea is that the Bev al-Khim may travel to the marauders to purchase the things they stole and then the Bev al-Khim might disappear and be hard to pursue (possibly using a network of portals or magic that obscures them).

    I’m working on a couple of magical colleges. I like both of the ones in the World Book, but the Rakar make better NPCs or evil characters than they do heroes. So I wanted to give my players a few other options. I have one I’m working on called the College of Quietus, where the sorcerer basically runs a network of favors with people in the community. Loans money, acts as a middleman, etc. This ties him to people in his area and while it may seem generous, those links of obligation provide targets for sorcery’s wrath. Some Quietus sorcerers are well-regarded civic leaders while others effectively run criminal syndicates of loansharking and extortion.

    I have another I am working on where the sorcerer is bound to an outsider (angel, demon, etc.) who acts as a lightning rod for sorcery’s wrath in exchange for devotion. If bound to a good outsider, the outsider acts as a martyr in return for the sorcerer being committed to acts of good. If bound to an evil outsider, the outsider suffers under sorcery’s wrath in exchange for something else, quite possibly the sorcerer’s eternal soul.

    My only concern with the second one is that it might be too similar to the Nadalf sorcerers that are very briefly mentioned, but got cut from the World Book.

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