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    State-controlled Sorcery
    • On a macro level, the highest levels of magic are only attainable by study of magical tomes.
    • High level magic is simply too complex to hold in a human mind. You either need tomes to refer to while casting or you must artificially boost your intelligence beyond 18 using psionics or some other means.
    • These tomes are very rare, held and guarded by the city states
    • Ownership of magical tomes has been traditionally illegal
    • So, until now, the city states held the highest levels of magic for themselves in this way
    • City states guard themselves against the possibly deadly effects of magic by complex administration. A ruler makes only the vaguest requests of his ministers, who in turn order a series of subordinates, putting those ambitious subordinates at risk rather than themselves. I like how this justifies enormous magical bureaucracies.
    • Since many city states are now in ruins, their magical tomes are missing, re-hidden, or in transit somewhere
    • This created a dichotomy, high-level wizards only at the state level, then many low-level wizards in the countryside.
    • Few mid-level wizards anywhere

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