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    We’re considering several options to make print copies of the Dragon Kings items more affordable and attractive to international buyers. International postage is expensive, but here are some things we’re considering for international backers who are getting the printed World Book as part of their rewards:

    1) Rebate Option. International backers get a straight rebate after the Kickstarter concludes ($10 for most, or $20 for Canadian backers).

    2) Bonus Rebate in Add-Ons Option: International backers can take an additional $10 greater than that amount in add-ons (such as print versions of the PDF rules supplements, miniatures, poster maps or other products).

    3) Exclusive Bonus Item. International backers get some Exclusive additional physical item we create just for them (a printed adventure or signed art prints are a couple of possibilities).

    Which of these would help you decide to get Dragon Kings printed items? Let us know what you think.


    the postage on international backers was the main thing putting me off so far. Given that, i think the 1st option would be great for me!

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    I like option 2


    Honestly, having already pledged, I’d vote for option 2.

    Of course, the most sensible thing is simply to revise the postage costs. They are very high.


    I like Option 2 the best. Thanks for soliciting our feedback!



    thing is a rebate will apply to everyone – not everyone will get add-ons (isnt that dependant on goals reached, or am i mistaken?). Surely, its better all-round for a rebate that everyone will get?


    I like option 1 the best. Option 2 is not fully clear to me.


    Phfantom – I think it works like this:

    For Option 2, If for example you are a non-North American Kickstarter supporter who decides on the Digital Gamer support ($25 for PDFs) and decide after the Kickstarter is done, at the time of add-ons, you want to have print copies of the World Book, Gazeteer, Poster Map and Cover Poster. Let’s say the total for that is $95 ($55 plus $40 shipping). You could get that lot for $75 ($55+40-20) instead. (A Canadian Kickstarter, which has generally lower shipping costs compared with overseas, would pay $65 ($55+40-30)).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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