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    Member interviewed Tim Brown about the Dragon Kings project a couple of weeks ago. Here is the excerpt: What’s your vision of the Dragon Kings Project?

    Tim Brown: As a ‘project,’ rather than as a fictional universe, my vision is to spread the creativity over three media rather than just the traditional two: adding music to both fiction and art. I’m convinced that music can create as vivid an image of a fictional world in one’s mind as any artwork or prose. By way of example, I have a complete image in my head of Rush’s 2112 fictional setting without benefit of a single piece of artwork. Songs can be informative and emotionally powerful. I’ve played in a lot of role-playing games that needed an emotional boost. That’s what I’m striving for, that sort of genuine, visceral impact of a good, hard driving song. The fun for me is coordinating all three media to deliver the best new world I can imagine.

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