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One thing to consider about the portal networks idea is that the Bev al-Khim may travel to the marauders to purchase the things they stole and then the Bev al-Khim might disappear and be hard to pursue (possibly using a network of portals or magic that obscures them).

I’m working on a couple of magical colleges. I like both of the ones in the World Book, but the Rakar make better NPCs or evil characters than they do heroes. So I wanted to give my players a few other options. I have one I’m working on called the College of Quietus, where the sorcerer basically runs a network of favors with people in the community. Loans money, acts as a middleman, etc. This ties him to people in his area and while it may seem generous, those links of obligation provide targets for sorcery’s wrath. Some Quietus sorcerers are well-regarded civic leaders while others effectively run criminal syndicates of loansharking and extortion.

I have another I am working on where the sorcerer is bound to an outsider (angel, demon, etc.) who acts as a lightning rod for sorcery’s wrath in exchange for devotion. If bound to a good outsider, the outsider acts as a martyr in return for the sorcerer being committed to acts of good. If bound to an evil outsider, the outsider suffers under sorcery’s wrath in exchange for something else, quite possibly the sorcerer’s eternal soul.

My only concern with the second one is that it might be too similar to the Nadalf sorcerers that are very briefly mentioned, but got cut from the World Book.