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It sounds like an indexed/bookmarked World Book PDF is planned for version 1.1.

I was confused by that part of Shagnathrix’s history also. Until I hear otherwise, I basically replaced Teleris in the history with Chatoon.

I read the section about the Dragon King Pretenders as if they weren’t really relying on Dragon King worship from the Krikis, but instead just assisting them in expanding their hives. The Cold Skins were a different story; some of them actually accept the Pretenders as Dragon Kings.

I picture the Bev al-Khim using their economic power to encourage local marauders, whether independents or the Qath Manhar. It’s probably not the most efficient method, but it’s just one of their methods of stripping the resources from Khitus and one which doesn’t take much manpower from the Black Tower (I don’t picture them as having armies, so they use money and manipulation instead).

And I too would love some organized place for fan generated content. I’ve already started to work on some of my own, but I don’t really have anywhere to put it yet.