These are the writers, artists, and musicians bringing the world of Dragon Kings to life.
Timothy Brown

  • Game Designer (2300AD, Dark Sun, End of Nations)
  • Musician (Jaded Heart, Kurt Hansen Band, Head East, JAMIT)
  • Lead Designer and Lyricist
  • Lead Vocals
  • Bass Guitar
Alyssa Faden


  • Illustrator (Dark Sun, Deadlands, Dark Age, Magic: the Gathering)
  • Video Game Artist (Doom, Diablo, Heretic, Skyborg)
  • Writer (The Plucker, The Devil’s Rose, The Child Thief, Krampus: the Yule Lord)
  • Movie & TV Concept Artist (Galaxy Quest, Ghosts of Mars, the Time Machine, Van Helsing)
  • Cover Illustrator
  • Visionary
Darren W. Pearce

  • Game Designer and Editor
  • Lone Wolf, Doctor Who
  • 13th Age rules guru

  • Cartographer
  • ShadowCastings
  • Dungeons & Dragons in all its many forms!
Mark Stevens

  • Lead and rhythm guitar
  • Vocals
  • Songwriter
Mathew Anderson

  • Community & PR Manager for Dragon Kings
  • CEO/ Founder of
  • Writer of “China and The High Roads Beyond”
  • 10 years of community management experience
Mike Stone

  • Guitarist (formerly of Queensryche, Trance Sonics, and Kings Highway)
  • Vocalist
  • Songwriter
Ricardo Bianconi

  • Consulting Designer
  • Designer of Brazilian RPG Pistolero
Robert Adducci

  • Social Media Manager for Dragon Kings
  • Owner of
  • Founder/Author of The Burnt World of Athas (
Thomas Babbey

  • Artist
  • Upper Desk, Sony Online, Fantasy Flight Games, Cryptozoic, Square Enix
Thomas Denmark

  • Illustrator
  • A Game of Thrones and Magic: the Gathering cards
  • Dungeoneer and Murder of Crows
  • Art Director at Kabam
Thomas M. Reid

  • Author of:
    * Insurrection (part of the NYT-bestselling ‘War of the Spider Queen’ series)
    * The Empyrean Odyssey trilogy
    * Truth & Steel (an Everquest novel)
    * Bandit Gold
    * and others
  • Game Designer and Content Creator (Dungeons & Dragons, Wizard101, Faxion Online, The Ville)
  • Editor (wherever the written word is found)
Tom Baxa

  • Illustrator (Dark Sun, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft tcg, Shadowrun, and more)
  • Concept Design Film + Video Games (Van Helsing, Alien vs. Predator, Nox, Command & Conquer)
  • Writer