Dragon Kings is a new world conceived in fiction, art, and music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the idea of the Dragon Kings universe come from?

I always enjoy stories about worlds where simple survival is challenging. Arrakis, Barsoom, Hyboria, Gor … these seemed the most thrilling settings to me. I cast Athas in that mold, and plan to adopt similar themes for Khitus, the world of Dragon Kings. There should always be sufficient danger and action to foster pulp-style adventures at every turn.

What is unique about Dragon Kings?

I think the most unique aspect is the inclusion of music as a world-building, conceptual element. I’ve already been inspired by fiction and art when creating a world, but could that inspiration come from music, as well? It turns out it can. Here’s an example:

We created a song to be the ‘caravan raider’s theme,’ for lack of a better title, that ended up with a strong triplet cadence through the chorus. Those triplets got me thinking. Bipeds walk in ‘twos’ and quadrupeds walk in ‘fours,’ so does that mean tripeds walk in ‘threes?’ Perhaps the caravan wagons are pulled by a triped lizard creature, something with two fairly normal (dare I say ‘pedestrian’) forelegs but one enormously powerful hind leg. Would such a beast need better balance in the rear? Maybe two large tails would help, and give extra anatomy to strap an enormous harness to the beast. For now I’m calling these ‘trisaurs’ and I can’t wait to share some sketches with you from the artist!

I find the music inspiring, and when we’ve got more together to share with you, I hope you will, as well.

What game systems will Dragon Kings use?

I’m planning to make the game book rules agnostic, with PDF supplements for the different game systems. We will make one for Pathfinder, of course. I’m negotiating with Pinnacle to do one for Savage Worlds, as well.

What exactly is a ‘spiritual successor’?

Dark Sun is Dark Sun, and I’m proud of it. If someone would give me the keys and let me drive Dark Sun again I would be happy to do so. I’m creating Dragon Kings to satisfy that creative ‘jones.’ Dragon Kings will share many of the same themes, but will also be its own, unique universe. Honestly, this gives me an opportunity to move in creative directions that just weren’t open to me before, and that’s pretty exciting.

When will Dragon Kings be ready to go?

Probably not until early 2014. I have to create the game world, write and record all the songs, get everything printed, and so on. But we’ll be sharing snippets of art, fiction, and music as we go along, and you’re invited to share and even participate in the experience. Watch this space!

Where can I go to stay updated on the latest news?

Like our Facebook page so you’ll see all our updates. Sign up for the email newsletter, too. Visit www.dragonkingsproject.com. Follow us on twitter at @thedragonkings.

Kickstarter FAQ

Where can I go to participate in the Kickstarter?

We just launched a Dragon Kings campaign on Kickstarter! If you are interested in helping out on the project, this is the way to do it! Just click the link below to check out the Kickstarter landing page:


Thank you in advance for helping out!

Will I get all the different PDF rules supplements, including those that are Stretch Goals?

All Stretch Goal PDF Rules Supplements unlocked will be available free to all backers who also receive the World Book (either print or PDF) reward. That includes 13th Age and Fate, if they are unlocked, and any others added and subsequently unlocked to this Kickstarter.

When can I expect my pledge to be fulfilled?

We plan to ship everything in March 2014, so you should have it by April 2014.

Where can I learn more about Dragon Kings?

You can keep updated on the latest Dragon Kings news at the following websites:

Official Website: https://www.dragonkingsproject.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dragonkingsproject
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thedragonkings
Google+: http://gplus.to/dragonkingsproject