Good News and Bad News

While we’ve got the CDs in hand and all the proofs for the World Book and other printed materials are looking great, we won’t get the printed materials in hand until just after the first of the year.

My apologies. I’m as disappointed as you are and want to get the printed books into your hands and into stores so we can start building beyond that! Coordinating proofs with the overseas printer has taken much longer than expected, and my efforts to get the books in hand sooner have gone for naught. On the upside, the books and screen will be really high quality. Shipping and customs should put the books in our hands so we can ship to you all in January.

In the meantime, we’ll create the World Book index and glossary PDFs for everyone, and I’m working to get a compensatory adventure PDF we can get out to everyone, too, something fun to bridge the gap. As always, I appreciate your support and understanding. As soon as the books are ‘on the water’ I’ll let you all know.

Poster: Raddu. Category: Updates.
14 November

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