March 2014 Dragon Kings Project Update

The Dragon Kings World Book is completely written and in the final stages of editing, then off to the printer! Mike, Mark, Frank and I are just about done with all the CD tracks, as well, having put the final touches to the intro and a couple of key songs in the studio just this week.

Also, great news, Dragon Kings is going to be part of the CORE RPG from Lester Smith. Check it out at

Here’s Thomas Baxa’s great rendition of the Penmai, as well as a new creature from the Bestiary, the Regelth, or Stone Worm:


Regelth (Stone Worm)

In the deepest deserts, nothing can survive upon the dunes exposed to the relentless sun. The rulers of these forsaken places take refuge beneath the surface and flow through the desolation as easily as fish through water.

Regelthi, or stone worms as most call them, are creatures of living rock. They are two meters wide and up to 20 meters long, and their weight surpasses two tons (the largest being four tons). Despite a lack of teeth, they eat and digest stone, preferring crystals and hard rock, though they do rarely surface through sand on the trail of certain foods. Wherever they burrow beneath the dunes, they leave behind caverns and dark spaces. An adventurer in such a place may think he’s found a refuge from the surface world, but the denizens here cannot abide intruders and attack with all haste.

Stone worms are mineral eaters, churning up and excreting enormous wealth in their wakes. Plunderers seek the results of the digestion: the red tear stones. Regelthi can eat more than half a ton of crystals per day and they produce a lot of silt and around 10 kilograms of red tears mixed with this grey silt. Red tears are particularly coveted gems, affordable only to the richest Khitans.

The regelth appears very slow but it was one treacherous attack. It sucks the unwary into his mouth by massive amounts of suction. They don’t prefer meat into their diet, but victims dissolve very fast in a system designed to break down rock and stone. Its hide may also look soft and wet but is in fact tough, impermeable skin. If the creature is killed, very few craftsmen or armorsmiths can transform the hide into something useful.

Regelsh warrens can reach deep beneath the desert, sometimes as far as a mile directly into the ground. They extend for many miles in all directions without any rhyme or reason to their design (as they are often dug in the search for food); getting lost in them is easy to do for any non-regelthi. Caverns dug out near the surface often are unstable, and desert denizens often fall into them and become trapped; such creatures, desperate for escape, can present particularly savage encounters among the dark warrens.

Thanks again, Dragon Kings fans, for making all this possible!

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9 March

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