The Dragon Kings World Book

The Dragon Kings World Book is in the final stages of production before we get it off to the printer. Chapters are being massaged into perfection by the editor, Steven Schend. I’ve got some new art to share for the interior from Thomas Denmark; here’s a new piece from him. Also, I’ve been corresponding with Alyssa Faden, too, and she’s coloring the latest portions of the main map that look completely awesome!

We will be mastering the Time to Die and Fly By the Night Sky tracks this week. Mike is finishing prep work on some of the final tracks, too.

Dragon Kings World Book update

Excerpt from the Wastelands chapter … *Chroma’ano the Blood-Borne*

In his day, the Dragon King Chroma’ano watched over a broad swath of the southern wild lands like a shepherd watches over his flock. Where the shadows of his broad wings fell, the dew glistened upon rich meadows made brilliant yellow with wildflowers and flowing grain. Makadan and Attite clans dispersed across the fertile lands, growing fat on rich farms, easily clearing the forests of foul creatures, leaving behind abundant game, wild berries, and splendid orchards. Chroma’ano loved his people, and they love him in return, singing his praises at all the harvest and moon festivals.

Six primary villages emerged where people gathered to trade and exchange ideas. In one of these a simple herdsman and his wife welcomed a girl who grew into such a beauty that it was said the clouds never dared come between her and the sunshine. Eloisa was her name, and as she matured her loveliness was surpassed by an inner beauty that gladdened the hearts of everyone who knew her for many miles around. She was the pride of her village, an unselfish, caring young woman who drew suitors from distant cities and nations.

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– Timothy Brown, Dragon Kings Creator

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12 January

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