Dragon Kings Community Questions 10/16/13

Here are a few questions that were asked about Dragon Kings. We’ll be answering a few community questions every Wednesday. Ask them here, on twitter or G+ using the hashtag #DKQuestions so we can find them.

What’s one major difference between the Dragonkings world and existing fantasy worlds (especially Dark Sun)?

The primary difference is sorcery’s cruel psychology and how each wizard deals with that. Each spell caster must reconcile his magical dabblings with the terrible consequences directed not only against himself but against his loved ones, as well. Expenditure of magic brings wicked wrath that must be accepted, tricked, or somehow mitigated. Magic is the ‘orphan’s trade,’ its practitioners wisely shunned.

How do you think in progress DK over the years? system adaptations, more background histories, plots, etc?

I want to expand the game to be playable with all the best game systems, that’s the first goal. Adventures should not only be fun but always reveal new aspects of the world that are surprising, interesting, and make all future games even more fun. Additional background and histories will be revealed, too, as the key to much of Khitus’ future lies in its mysterious past. I want to continue with bestiaries revealing more and more of the world’s exotic wildlife, as well as new character types that enrich play, drawing on the world’s several unique cultures.

What gave the Dragon Kings their power, and why doesn’t anyone else have access to the same?

While the details of this are not widely known, most wizards know that the Dragon Kings somehow got special dispensation from dark sorcery during their reigns. If terrible consequences befell the Dragon Kings or there subjects during those days, they are universally undocumented. Unfettered by these horrific considerations, the Dragon Kings could wield magical energy freely, making them the powerful creatures, indeed.

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