Dragon Kings so far…

It hasn’t been quite two months since we announced the Dragon Kings project, and so much has happened I can hardly keep track of it all! We’ve announced a lot of great talent working on different aspects, like Mike Stone and Frank Klepacki on the music, Alyssa Faden drawing the world maps, Thomas Reid and Darren Pearce working on different game rules, and our artists Brom, Thomas Baxa and Thomas Denmark putting ‘paint to canvas.’ We’ve also announced our commitment to making PDF rules supplements for Pathfinder and Savage Worlds, as well as Pelgrane Press’s 13th Age as a stretch goal (with more to come …).

Dragon Kings So Far

What’s really floored me is the massive response we’ve gotten on social media. Dragon Kings has far more followers than I thought it might have at this point, and I want to thank everyone who has helped spread the word. I cannot make something like Dragon Kings without that good word of mouth!

Here’s where we are in development: The world is fully outlined and many key chapters are already underway. I’ve got my head wrapped around the strange, often confrontational nature of magic, as well as the mechanism for the re-emergence of psionics among the peoples of Khitus, the world of Dragon Kings. The Dragon Kings themselves and their fates are in progress, as well as the lives of key rulers and statesmen who still hold sway over the depleted lands known as the Old Countries. Different human cultures that stretch away toward the Equatorial Regions run the gamut of philosophies and governance. Non-human player races – the conflicted hive-minded yet intelligent Krikis, the steppes-dwelling Chathran herds, and the massive elephantine Pachyaur among them – are outlined and in design. A menagerie of exotic monsters and foes are well in hand, strewn among dozens of compelling adventurous plots across intricate, detailed maps.

All this, while on the music side the first tracks are already recorded so we can release sample songs very soon. The lyrics portray the adventures of a single hero, as I had originally hoped, matched to solid musical tracks and really excellent mastering. I can’t wait to share them! Honestly, the CD we’re putting together is turning out to be everything I had originally hoped, an epic musical exploration of a strange, new world. This is the best musical project I’ve ever been a part of, and I owe a lot to the skilled musicians who’ve signed on. New musical vistas and relationships are opening up even now, and I’ll be able to talk about them soon.

So, for the next month or so, we’ll continue designing, drawing, painting, and recording. We’re still in ‘audience building’ mode, so everything you can do to help spread the word is still greatly appreciated. Sometime in September we will launch the Kickstarter campaign so we can arrange final production and printing and get Dragon Kings into reality sometime after the first of the year 2014.

Thank you for keeping an eye on what we’re up to. There’s plenty more to come!

Timothy Brown

August 15, 2013

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15 August

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