Dragon Kings Post-Kickstarter Crowdfunding

Dragon Kings is a new fantasy game world conceived and presented in fiction, art, and music simultaneously by Timothy Brown.

Since the Kickstarter period is over, we'll be continuing crowdfunding here on our website until January 1st. All money collected during the Kickstarter and our home site campaign will be combined for purposes of the stretch goals.

This means we'll most certainly hit the 13th Age stretch goal and more! Pledge early for the best deals, because with the official Kickstarter campaign is over all future pledges will be subject to shipping charges for physical products.


Update #8: The Dragon Kings Project Kickstarter has finished

Thank you, everyone, for a terrific Kickstarter! We appreciate all of your support and good wishes. We reached a couple of key stretch goals, which is very exciting. We are continuing the pledge levels in pursuit of the remaining stretch goals on the Dragon Kings Project site, so be sure to keep spreading the word so we can achieve even more. Work progresses on the game and music. We'll update and post regularly with news and previews. New opportunities are presenting themselves, too, and we'll announce them as we can. I'm pleased and humbled by the great response, and I'm encouraged now more than ever to create something that's innovative and fun. The Dragon Kings experience is just beginning!

Thanks again!

Click here to view the other project updates on the Kickstarter page.


Awesome! You are about to support Dragon Kings Post-Kickstarter Crowdfunding.

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  • Level: The 12-song Dragon Kings album MP3s and a PDF of the Dragon Kings Gazetteer. Also includes the “Black Fortress Falls” three-song additional mp3 set if that Stretch Goal unlocks as part of the Kickstarter. Listeners (and all higher pledge level backers) will also be listed in the Special Thanks section of the Dragon Kings website. Estimated delivery: Apr 2014
  • $ 12

Add-Ons: You've asked for them, so here are all physical items available as add-ons. Just increase your pledge by purchasing any of the add-ons below. They will be separately calculated to your total order. Note that all add-ons purchased on the Dragon Kings official website are immediate purchases. Time to ship is the same as what's noted on the Kickstarter page.

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