Dragon Kings Kickstarter

Dragon Kings is a new fantasy game world conceived and presented in fiction, art, and music simultaneously by Timothy Brown, creator of Dark Sun and 2300AD.
April 11th 2014 Update:

Here’s the latest Dragon Kings news: The World Book is pretty much done in editing and already being laid out; we’ll share the PDF version with backers of the appropriate level just as soon as it’s ready for printing, say two weeks. It’s running late, I know, but everything we’re doing to the manuscript is making it better than I had hoped! The CD is completely recorded and in final mastering, shooting for release in mid-May when we can share the mp3s with everyone.

This is all very exciting! Then the physical components will get shipped out to everyone just as soon as they get back from the various printers, and we’ll update that when we know more. Watch for an opportunity soon to update any add ons. Thanks again, everyone! Dragon Kings is coming your way! ~ Tim

Hello, I’m Timothy Brown.

I’ve made games for many years, including the Dark Sun universe, the science-fiction setting 2300AD, and most recently the End of Nations computer game.

I’m also a musician. I’ve played with a number of bands, including Head East (if you’re an old classic rock fan, you’ll remember them). I’m a big Rush fan, too, and I always wanted to make my own 2112.

I’m creating a new role-playing game universe that I want to conceive in fiction, art, and music all at the same time. I’m calling it Dragon Kings, and it will be my ‘spiritual successor’ to the fantasy setting Dark Sun.

Khitus, the World of the Dragon Kings

Brom’s Dragon Kings Cover Painting

Right now I believe that will include:

· A progressive rock CD
· An art-intensive ‘album’ or ‘concert’ style book that expands heavily on each song (with lyrics, more stories, maps, specific art, etc.)
· A hardbound game book

That’s the plan!

Watch this space. I’ll be putting up ideas and art, even scratch tracks and finished songs as we go along. I’m recruiting a lot of old friends to contribute, and some really talented people who I’m working with for the first time, too.

It’s going to be a journey, kind of an adventure in itself, and while I have all the basic concepts designed now there’s still a long way to go.

The collaboration with other talented people is just beginning, and those aspects of the world are starting to take shape. I’ll tell you one thing: I haven’t had this much fun in years! I think you’ll enjoy it, too, and look forward to sharing it with you as it comes to life!

Timothy Brown
May 2013

If you enjoyed Dark Sun, you’ll enjoy Dragon Kings, as well. Dark Sun is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting co-designed by Timothy Brown and Troy Denning with art by Brom, originally released in 1991. Dark Sun is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast LLC.